Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Party of One

I try my darndest to avoid the "relationship" topic on the blog, mostly because I'm single, don't want to be single forever and don't want to talk about my good/bad/mediocre dates here, for all the world to see. A blog is not a diary, or at least this one's not.

Last Saturday, I celebrated an engagement for the 47th time this year. Okay, fifth time. Sixth. And it was the sweetest thing you've ever seen. He wrote a song for her, and in the last line asked her to marry him. A sweet little "yes!" squeaked out between sobs. It was also the first proposal I've ever been invited to eavesdrop on.

After the congratulations and hugs were all given, I plopped down on an oversized chair with my other single friend, looked at her and said, "We're it." We're all that's left of this massive, thriving, singleness that was our huge group of friends. Singleness in group form is fine. Great, even. Singleness in single form is, well... single. At my finest moment of drama later that evening, I felt as though all my friends and I were waiting at the station for the adventurous train of wonder. They all boarded and waved at me through the windows as they pulled away, smiling and cuddly. I sat there on the bench, forlorn, wondering what I'd just missed.

That lasted about a day. Because after I cry, I must laugh. And single ladies have a lot to laugh about. My roommate and I couldn't move the entertainment center. My entire weekly grocery purchase fits in the 15-item Express checkout line. Bridesmaid dresses have their own line in the budget. And then there's navigating the dating maze, which is a book all by itself.

I'm preparing for a bit more difficult and lonely road ahead, and I can smell the desert-like place I was in two years ago. I could never describe that time as fun, but it was perhaps the most meaningful time of my life. If I can say that about whatever lies ahead, I will be thankful for every moment no matter how hard it is. Remember that piece of art I wrote about earlier this month? What that lion symbolizes has taken center stage in my heart, and resting in the warm companionship of his protection and grace is the only place I'd like to be right now.

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