Monday, March 7, 2011

The Lady and the Lion

Here's a surprise for you: Colorado Springs has its own little First Friday Art Walk! It's charming and intimate, just like the west side itself. Last Friday, Roommate Andrea and I started downtown at the Modbo to see Shannon Dunn's Lady and the Lion exhibit. More on that later. From there, we went to Old Colorado City to find the treasure trove of artist's studios -- Second Floor Studios. I would be an artist just so I could have a studio there. I'd overlook the main street of historic Old Colorado City, become friends with all the other artists, and skip down the stairs for a steaming cuppa joe and live music at Jives. All the inspiration you need on one street corner.

We met several accomplished artists who travel the world in search of fascinating subject matter. We also met the painter of nudes who happens to offer lessons. We passed.

*Modbo postcard*

Back to the Lady and the Lion exhibit. It was because of this show I decided I must do the Art Walk, even if I had to go alone. The Modbo described the series like this, "...Dunn explores the characteristics of both God and humans in a body of work that is at once deeply personal and entirely accessible for the viewer." I admire and appreciate art, but rarely does it mean anything to me personally. This series, particularly her painting titled "Shelter", spoke to my soul. I stared at it, walked around the gallery and stared at it again. That painting was home.

This image is one of such rest, security and peace. God describes himself as the Lion of Judah throughout Scripture, mighty and powerful, gentle and graceful. The original painting is on a huge canvas, and the woman's face looks as though she knows something dangerous and frightening is out there, but she is calm, knowing she's safe as long as she stays there. The lion's look is confident, steadfast, sure. He is not rattled by what he sees, and he's aware of the girl sitting at his side. He will protect her. Nothing will get past him to harm her. I can't express how much this quiets my heart. you think she'd let me do her dishes for a year? Sweep her floors? Tell everyone I meet about her artwork? I could start eating Ramen Noodles and put everything else in a piggy bank. Even if it's never hanging on my wall, I will always remember the image and its meaning -- and that is priceless to me.

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