Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost? Never.

Where would you go if you knew you could never get lost?

That question has run laps in my head all week. I wrote a bit about this a couple weeks ago, but it's gaining momentum in my life and there is a sense of urgency even as I write this. Psalm 139 speaks so plainly about God's guidance. He's leading me. Period. If Jesus Christ dictates my every step, I will absolutely not get lost. I won't fall through the cracks. I won't take a wrong turn, and neither will anyone else committed to following Him. 

I will be led by still waters. I will be led through dark valleys. I will watch the sunrise. I will be led through fire. And I will be led home. He will lead, and I will follow. 

Where would you go if you knew you could never get lost? 

Would you move to the city? To the country? The burbs? Would you switch jobs? Would you ask her out? Would you stay put? Would you save or spend? Would you submit that article? Would you say you're sorry? Would you ...? 

Goodness. When life surpasses the limits of my understanding, I am so comforted to know that nothing extends beyond God, for He has no boundaries. There is nowhere that He is not. Crazy. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Run for Their Lives

Blonde Curly
Big Blue
Roly Poly
Sassy Red
Average Joe

These words describe children that have not yet taken their first breath -- and may never take their first breath. We can help them at least make it to that first moment. Life Network is doing everything they can to educate and equip mothers-to-be, and they've given all of us the privilege to help out! This organization is hosting a 5K fundraiser on June 5th to support the efforts of Life Network, and I need your help. In order to run, I need to raise $150 minimum. I've already raised $105, so I only have $45 to go!!

For every $150 raised, LN can provide services for three moms and their babies. These services include ultrasound appointments, housing, medical services, mentoring, counseling and too many more to list here.

With your help, I can run 3 miles and help 3 mothers choose life. I can't wait to run for these little boys and girls! Want to help? Click here to visit my sponsor page: 2010 Walk for Life

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for your heart and for your participation in this!

p.s. My co-worker is also in the race. He's going to beat me...maybe lap me. I want to win the only thing I have a shot at: the fundraiser!  :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

An Old Melody

An old tune was reintroduced to my little head recently. It was a simple melody with astonishing clarity...the kind that gets stuck in your head and follows you no matter how far you run, and no matter how many other songs you try to sing in its place.

I heard it in DC, faintly, as if it came from another room. I was learning the words when I returned home, and now I sing it every day. It's the song of Faith that isn't really a song at all, but it brings music to the soul anyway. It was time to be reminded to live by faith, not by sight. It's ironic that I become restless at the same moment I am reminded of faith. To follow Christ is to die to self, to surrender to His will. So...where do I go? What do I do? When? How? Who? I work into a mental tizzy and then remember who puts air in my lungs and who allows my pupils to see color, depth and movement. {I find it fascinating that when I wake up in the morning, my eyes open and I can see out of the two spheres planted in my head.}

The same Jesus who calmed the wind and waves is the same Jesus who called me and promises to guide me whether I ascend to the highest heavens or dive to the uttermost depths of the sea. If I'm in His boat, I'm safe. If I follow Him, He won't lead me astray. I hear about this everywhere I go, see it in everything I read,  think about it in my spare time. I want to get this. When life gets claustrophobic because I'm so focused on ME, the only way to get out and see the big blue sky again is to realize who this God is and open myself to His way. His is the good way, and it's the only way that will get me home.

The chorus of my tune is this: faith equals action. I have to move! I have to step forward and follow. I have to be up for the ride. But really, when we know where we're going and who's driving, we can enjoy the crazy adventure for all it is...and bid our farewells to the boring life. I'm in.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Good East

I've learned not to plaster my forehead against airplane windows because you can always tell when someone does. The grease smear makes me lose my appetite and get real friendly with whoever shares my armrest. So I admired Washington DC through the window, not on the window. The view from the air prepared me for life on the ground. The stately lawns, aged trees and manicured drives all suggested established intelligence. In the fading sun, the monuments and government buildings seemed to sparkle. It was all over for me before I even hit the runway.

photo credit: playing in traffic

When I stepped into thick, warm air and saw boat shoes and driving moccasins everywhere I looked, I knew it would be a good week. Is it crazy to you that people live amongst so much history? The trail by the Potomac River was swarming with joggers and bikers, as though it was no big deal that the Jefferson Memorial was right there. I thought about moving just so I could run there. I was caught off guard that entire week. It was, after all, a work trip. Who would've thought it would change my life?

I arrived on a Sunday evening. Monday morning came, I set to work at 8:00 a.m. and didn't look up until Thursday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Our events flew by and from all I could see, were fairly seamless. The week began with a dinner cruise on the Potomac River and ended with a morning meeting in the Cannon House Office Building. I met some incredible people, and after months of emails and phone chats, was finally able to put a face with a voice. There's something different about people who genuinely love the Lord, and there's an unforgettable dynamic when they get together in a big group.

To end the week, I spent Friday with JT doing all her favorite things. She's a film editor in DC, lives in a charming old house in Arlington and drives a zippy little city car. And she has an incredible soul. Yep, the whole kit and kaboodle, right in one spot. We ate sushi, explored old book stores, drank coffee and tea, and saw the Givers l-i-v-e at the Black Cat.

Some things I discovered:

Mussels are not for me. They feel more like I'm eating a tongue made of flab rather than muscle.

A hammock, even for 15 minutes, can almost be enough to cure all ails.

If I ever moved to DC, it would be to Georgetown. I need to start saving. Yesterday.

I'm still capable of being undone in one fell swoop.

God sometimes answers prayer in the most unexpected ways.

I like boats!

I hope to visit again. Soon.