Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Blessing and a Curse

The Taurus and I were driving home the other day when it happened. I liked the song playing on the radio, and I actually reached out my hand to hit "Like". Where I thought my hand was going, I'm still not sure. It wasn't until I almost touched the dashboard that I realized my car has no "Like" button. That's only Pandora and Facebook. 

On numerous occasions when I've needed a tool of some sort (a vacuum, hammer, bottle opener, etc.), my first thought is to see if my phone has an app for that. This is embarrassing! Am I dumb? Maybe. But I live in a world of electronics. People almost don't know how to experience life without an electronic device on or near their person at all times. My very first instinct when I encounter something I like, dislike, or need to solve, is to see how my gadgets can help me accomplish what I'm doing. I have a huge world out there. One so big it fits in the palm of my hand.

If I didn't have Yelp mobile, how would I ever decide where to eat?! If Pandora didn't create perfectly customized playlists, I might not even like music, or know half of what I listen to even existed. How would I ever have time to pay bills, get directions, and read the news if I couldn't do it on the go, when and where and how I wanted to?  

This perfectly customizable life is the good life... right? We've arrived?  


  1. My question is what song was on the radio that you wanted to "Like"?

    Inquiring minds must know!


  2. I don't remember. It's a crying shame.

    This is why the "Like" feature is so brilliant, because I don't have to remember the song in order to hear it again.