Saturday, March 7, 2009


Aah, womanhood. The joys, the beauties, the trials, the nesting! By nesting I mean making a house a home. I'm quickly approaching my mid-twenties (unless almost-24 is mid-twenties -- yikes), and the nesting bug just bit me. It's gone from the occasional leisure thought floating through my head to a focused interest. Thanks to domino magazine, anthropologie, lovely boutiques and inspirational cafes, I now want to own a little house with a pretty garden, a red front door (at least once in my life), and at least one navy blue wall inside. You're all invited to the housewarming party.

This morning I met two girlfriends downtown at Smiley's Cafe for coffee and an egg sandwich on toast...with avocado. This little place is eclectic, with plants in the windowsill and every category of art on the wall. No two chairs were the same. This got us talking about our homes and our plans for improving them this spring and summer. My project is setting up a comfortable nook on my balcony with plants and a chair, and perhaps a lantern or two. To my surprise, I find myself having these conversations on a semi-regular basis, and I don't know where it came from. My college roommate drove through town a few days ago with her husband and daughter, and we talked about gardening and exchanging recipes!! I'm convinced that once a girl hits her early-mid-twenties, womanhood sets in somethin' fierce. Please note: womanhood does not mean motherhood. I refuse to wear mom jeans. Ever. Nor will I have a mom haircut. It simply means that I care more about cozying up a real home as opposed to sweeping out my fort in the backyard. Man, I feel like a woman.


  1. ha. i get those same urges :) p.s. i LOVE the picture at the top of your blog!

  2. Oh I can totally identify. Men and women are not the same! We are nesters. Lauren and I roomed together before I got married and we decided that the reason girls have a hard time finding multiple roommates is because we all have a tendency to nest. When everyone is nesting under one roof, things can get pretty touchy. We did well with just eachother but were convinced if there was another roommate, things might get a little scrappy. Maybe it was just us...

    I can also identify with this avocado thing you've mentioned in several of your blogs. Do you crave them like I do???