Thursday, March 26, 2009

family game night

Dad and I used to play checkers a lot. I wanted the satisfaction of beating him fair and square, but so often he let me win by not even trying. At the end of the game, I felt swindled. Dad raised the white flag on the first move simply because I was a kid. I could've played with my eyes closed, one hand behind my back and in the next room over and still won. Not satisfying.

Board games with family: an excuse to be competitive and one of our only completely level playing fields. We don't play often, but it's blizzarding outside, so four of us tucked into our breakfast nook around the Scrabble board. It was a close game from the first round to the last, and I'm proud to say my brother and I came out ahead of mom and dad -- maybe for the first time in history. I'm glad Dad's past the point of letting us win. We always knew when he wasn't trying anyway, didn't we? The things they think they got away with... :)

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