Sunday, March 15, 2009

Blissful Sunday

I drove to a coffee shop to write about something specific, but it's not flowing tonight. I got sidetracked with a friend's blog and laughed out loud several times. He wrote about his international adventures, so I'm currently imagining myself galavanting through the Alps.

Back to reality: Today, Sunday, was bliss. This morning I made oatmeal -- with my secret ingredient -- and no, I'm not telling. Went to church and came home to an empty house but a full refrigerator. I mixed avocado with cranberry mustard, spread it on a toasted whole grain/flax english muffin and topped it with turkey and mozzarella. Tres bon. Family came home and mom and I chatted over chai tea, then I perused the web for apartments in Denver and Boulder. I nearly fell in love with a loft: wide open, hardwood floors, exposed brick wall, and a spiral staircase. Please. It doesn't get any better. I should mention that it was about 70℉ here today, so I tested out my new running shoes in Garden of the Gods. I went to Whole Foods with Dad and Mom and, as always, Whole Foods inspired the chef in me. Then I arrived where I started this post: downtown coffee shop. Distraction, procrastination, and general claustrophobia set in so I took a drive -- a fast drive -- to mellow out a bit. A near-perfect Sunday. I see this turned into a play-by-play...cheers for making it to the end!

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