Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sweater and a Beard

Steve met Dorothy when British Airways transferred him from Britain to Canada. Dorothy loved people and Steve was shy, but they fell in love. Steve returned to Britain and (*gasp*) said good-bye to Dorothy. Years and years went by, but neither of them moved on. When Steve returned to Canada, Dorothy was in her late thirties. He asked her to be his wife, and on Valentine's Day they were married. Later that year, 39-year-old Dorothy gave birth to her first child, David. 

Thirty-two years later, a full-bearded David sat in a restaurant on Valentine's Day. His friend's wife knew Lorra Beth, a woman that Dave simply had to meet. They arranged to introduce them over a Valentine's dinner. Lorra Beth walked in wearing an ivory sweater, and Dave thought, "Wow." She thought, "Beard." Over dinner, the matchmakers did most of the talking, leaving very little room for David and Lorra Beth to get to know each other. He drove her home, they agreed to keep in touch, and then they fell in love. 

Tonight, Dave and Lorra Beth are celebrating exactly thirty years since they met.

Most people think weddings and blind dates on Valentine's Day are cheesy, and they may be. But my Grandpa Steve and Grandma Dot, and my parents, Dave and Lorra Beth, may say otherwise. And for two couples who have stayed together through thick and thin and are still in love, I'd say a little bit of cheesy is allowed. 

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom and Dad. Thirty more? 

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