Monday, February 7, 2011

February: the Month of Hope

Love is in the air. Several friends have changed their relationship status to "Engaged" over the last month (congrats to Jared&MC, Mike&Lexee, Eric&Kristin), and my woman's intuition tells me there are several more fellas sitting on some bling. It's fitting. Valentine's Day is Monday, the Superbowl was yesterday...

Yep. I find it ironic that America's largest sporting event is the weekend before Love Day. I suppose we had to even out the scales: sports, chips and beer for the guys... chocolate and googly-eyes for the ladies. Everyone can make it through February with full hearts, if everything works out. 

It's a month of hope. Women hope that the man of their dreams will plan the perfect date, and those who don't have the man hope he arrives...and soon. Men hope their team makes it all the way to the big game, and if not, they root for the lesser of two evils. 

I'm not stereotyping, am I?? I'm sitting in Barnes & Noble as I type this, and it's crowded. I'm nervous that people are reading over my shoulder, and that is one of my peeves. Last night I had a conversation (at a Super Bowl party, no less) that got me riled up -- a phenomenon that has not happened in a good while. There were severe generalizations made and I wasn't sure what to do except to write, including generalizations of my own. So here are my generalizations. Read, but please don't take me too seriously today. 

Whatever your February hopes are, I hope they don't define you. Neither of these things are worth basing our lives on. Enjoy all that red and pink, hug a Pittsburgh fan, and excuse today's sarcasm. I'll be back to my normal self very soon. 

Lady, I hope you made the Super Bowl fun for your Man, and Man, I hope you make Valentine's Day fun for your Lady. And if you don't have a Lady or a Man (or a winning team), then don't worry, be happy. 

*til next time...

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