Thursday, May 20, 2010

Run for Their Lives

Blonde Curly
Big Blue
Roly Poly
Sassy Red
Average Joe

These words describe children that have not yet taken their first breath -- and may never take their first breath. We can help them at least make it to that first moment. Life Network is doing everything they can to educate and equip mothers-to-be, and they've given all of us the privilege to help out! This organization is hosting a 5K fundraiser on June 5th to support the efforts of Life Network, and I need your help. In order to run, I need to raise $150 minimum. I've already raised $105, so I only have $45 to go!!

For every $150 raised, LN can provide services for three moms and their babies. These services include ultrasound appointments, housing, medical services, mentoring, counseling and too many more to list here.

With your help, I can run 3 miles and help 3 mothers choose life. I can't wait to run for these little boys and girls! Want to help? Click here to visit my sponsor page: 2010 Walk for Life

Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance for your heart and for your participation in this!

p.s. My co-worker is also in the race. He's going to beat me...maybe lap me. I want to win the only thing I have a shot at: the fundraiser!  :)

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