Monday, May 17, 2010

An Old Melody

An old tune was reintroduced to my little head recently. It was a simple melody with astonishing clarity...the kind that gets stuck in your head and follows you no matter how far you run, and no matter how many other songs you try to sing in its place.

I heard it in DC, faintly, as if it came from another room. I was learning the words when I returned home, and now I sing it every day. It's the song of Faith that isn't really a song at all, but it brings music to the soul anyway. It was time to be reminded to live by faith, not by sight. It's ironic that I become restless at the same moment I am reminded of faith. To follow Christ is to die to self, to surrender to His will. So...where do I go? What do I do? When? How? Who? I work into a mental tizzy and then remember who puts air in my lungs and who allows my pupils to see color, depth and movement. {I find it fascinating that when I wake up in the morning, my eyes open and I can see out of the two spheres planted in my head.}

The same Jesus who calmed the wind and waves is the same Jesus who called me and promises to guide me whether I ascend to the highest heavens or dive to the uttermost depths of the sea. If I'm in His boat, I'm safe. If I follow Him, He won't lead me astray. I hear about this everywhere I go, see it in everything I read,  think about it in my spare time. I want to get this. When life gets claustrophobic because I'm so focused on ME, the only way to get out and see the big blue sky again is to realize who this God is and open myself to His way. His is the good way, and it's the only way that will get me home.

The chorus of my tune is this: faith equals action. I have to move! I have to step forward and follow. I have to be up for the ride. But really, when we know where we're going and who's driving, we can enjoy the crazy adventure for all it is...and bid our farewells to the boring life. I'm in.

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  1. amen to all of this! loved it. i was just thinking about that verse today... seems to be very relevant after graduation especially... "walk by faith, not by sight"... He deserves great faith, for He is very great.

    "expect great things from God,
    attempt great things for God."
    -william carey

    thanks anna for writing this.