Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lost? Never.

Where would you go if you knew you could never get lost?

That question has run laps in my head all week. I wrote a bit about this a couple weeks ago, but it's gaining momentum in my life and there is a sense of urgency even as I write this. Psalm 139 speaks so plainly about God's guidance. He's leading me. Period. If Jesus Christ dictates my every step, I will absolutely not get lost. I won't fall through the cracks. I won't take a wrong turn, and neither will anyone else committed to following Him. 

I will be led by still waters. I will be led through dark valleys. I will watch the sunrise. I will be led through fire. And I will be led home. He will lead, and I will follow. 

Where would you go if you knew you could never get lost? 

Would you move to the city? To the country? The burbs? Would you switch jobs? Would you ask her out? Would you stay put? Would you save or spend? Would you submit that article? Would you say you're sorry? Would you ...? 

Goodness. When life surpasses the limits of my understanding, I am so comforted to know that nothing extends beyond God, for He has no boundaries. There is nowhere that He is not. Crazy. 

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  1. Talk about "job" security!!! Preach it sister!