Monday, August 17, 2009

Current Events

Things are changing, after all! Saturday night was my very last as an employee of Cafe 36. Voted 'Best Romantic Restaurant' in Colorado Springs, it's no surprise that the months spent working there sparked my romance with gourmet food. I quite liked being behind the scenes with a brilliant chef who slipped me the occasional recipe. The man could make weeds taste good. Part of me will miss the good ol' days there, but adventure awaits and I dare not reject it.

At an ungodly hour tomorrow morning, the family and I are flying to Seattle for brother Matthew's wedding. It's finally here and I can't believe it. We've already placed bets on who's going to cry during the ceremony and who will keep it together. I will update you with pictures from the whole week when I get back. For now, it's shut-eye and sweet dreams for me.

Soak up these final days of summer. Enjoy the long shadows at the end of the day and the smell of sun-soaked earth. Spread a blanket and look at the stars. Barbecue. Eat sorbet with berries!

Be back soon.


  1. congratulations on a new chapter! have a wonderful time in seattle--i love that city. and it's great for weddings!

  2. Enjoy Seattle... a place I will always feel somewhat at home in (mostly do to the incredible memories I have there). When you get back and I get back...we shall have coffee and a long chat!