Sunday, August 30, 2009

Holy Matrimony

They met in college and fell in love. Things didn't work out. He never got over her. They moved to opposite corners of the country and didn't talk for years.

And then...

They were both in the bridal party for a friend's wedding in California. Something clicked.

And now...

They're married! And will be in love for the rest of life.

The time in Seattle was utter joy. Not even a hint of bittersweet like I thought there might be. Just pure, simple bliss (better than chocolate).

We did what we could to help set up for the reception the day before. Dorie, their wedding decorator, was all over it and didn't need much help from us amateurs. We were all assigned to napkin committee and general manual labor.

- the groom is that strapping one on the left -

Once the work was done, things got crazy.

-the groom was a little protective when he saw the above-

After that it was time for the rehearsal and subsequent dinner, both of which went very well. The pace down the aisle took some practice, as did walking up and down stairs in very tall, strappy heels. Dinner was at The Lobster Shop, an old beach-house-turned-fish-house right on the water. We ate upstairs in a quaint room lined with wood from floor to ceiling and just enough room for all of us. It was perfect. I laughed harder than (possibly) ever before and therefore left most of my food on the plate. One of the groomsmen at the table had, well, a contagious laugh. And if he squeaks even a little bit, you're done for.

-mom and dad celebrated their 27th anniversary on the eve of matt and stacey's wedding-

-groom and best man/brother-

-the beautiful couple-

-brother and me-

-just outside The Lobster Shop. this was also where Matthew asked and "she said yes!"-

And now, for the big day. The ladies arrived at the church at 9:15am to beautify themselves. Hair, makeup, dress and shoes. It takes a long time, guys. We went off-site for pictures, and I managed to avoid pulling up grass with my heels on an absolutely beautiful Washington day by the coast. Once the camera was put away, the nerves started to set in. By the way, my brother was in rare form. Perfectly understandable. He could not -- I repeat: could not -- take his eyes off Stacey. Jonny had to drive their car to ensure they would arrive in one piece.

Just look at his face. I snapped this just after they'd seen each other for the first time (finally. he'd been holding his breath, quasi-unconscious, all morning). I've never seen him so happy. Or so committed, for that matter.

During the ceremony, he looked like such a man. He stood there, strong and unwavering, knowing exactly what he was about to do. And when he repeated his vows, he looked right into her eyes and told her what he'd waited so long to tell her. He meant every single word. I've also never seen him so intensely focused and serious. Marriage will be good for him. Good doesn't seem the best word. Stacey is going to add to his life in such a dramatic way, that although he was complete without her, it feels like he is a new man. She's not the icing on the cake; it's a whole different cake altogether. And it's better than ever.

Speaking of cake, let's get to the reception. Gino's Italian catered the dinner. Walnut/cranberry/feta salad, chicken, ravioli, cream sauce, meat sauce, oh! It was good.

They signed the marriage license, worked the room, danced, ate some cake (no smashing in the face), and then ran through a tunnel of sparklers out to their limo. Whew! You know that feeling of happiness where you fear you may explode? Precisely.

The Holy Spirit would be in every one of these pictures, but He's invisible. :) Everything about the weekend was so good, so pure, so full. It pointed to the One who made everything, who is love and who created us to love.

Faith, hope, and love. It was beautiful. The End.


  1. Thank you,Anna, for letting us share in the magic of the couple days of celebration you were able to share!!!! What a joy!!!

  2. "The Holy Spirit would be in every one of these pictures, but He's invisible. :)"

    HA! that wraps it all up in one sentence. I love the pictures, i love that Matthais has finally done it. And she looks like an utter doll. ADORABLE. I love Jonny for his sense of photographic witt. Or yours, and his execution of it. Hysterical. I laughed. A lot.

    i love you

  3. You have an amazing gift of writing. I just love reading your blogs. Thanks for posting!