Wednesday, January 28, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

In no particular order:
moonlight on water, especially ocean water
city lights
sending snail mail
receiving snail mail
the color of avocado
the color of grapefruit
curling up on my couch with a good book
an early morning run
great music in the car, windows down
breakfast with mom
climbing into bed with clean sheets
the "ah-ha" moments
inspiration sessions with erica
the time of day right before the sun sets
sore muscles
laughing at myself
laughing at/with people
finally understanding something
red doors
cool gardens
the hymn "how great thou art"
and "the lord's prayer"
"great is Thy faithfulness"
warm towels
chocolate: any shape or size
travel, or the very idea of it
sun-dried apricots
a creatively decorated room or wardrobe
worn books
accomplishment, big or small
watching people do what they love
new mercies every day
a clean closet
cinnamon rolls

These are all gifts from God, reminders that He is the source of all beauty and joy. Without Him, none of the above would exist. Tomorrow, from the minute you wake, take note of all the little things that bring you pleasure...even if it's the way the morning sun hits the fresh fruit in your cereal bowl. Thank God for it. It will change your perspective. Make a habit of it and just may change your life. The most remarkable thing is, we're given far more than simple pleasures. We're given life, and because of Jesus, we have life to the fullest.

I'd love to see your list.

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