Monday, January 26, 2009

To my dear friends

Ever sit back and marvel at the quality of friendships in your life? I have been doing that regularly, ever since I realized that I am completely surrounded by amazing people. Every one of my close friends is remarkable, doing everything from design to saving babies to writing to facing each day with the courage to stand in the face of significant odds. Something every one of them has in common is passion for life. They live in a way that makes others want to really live, to experience the fullness in life, to discover the beauty found in the small things. These people are governed by a deep faith. They live with purpose and joy. They know who and what is important to them and they make sacrifices accordingly. They expect much out of life because they put much into it.

These people are a constant source of happiness and inspiration to me. They are full of ideas, adventure, and spirit. Close by or 1,000 miles away, their lives are contagious. Their physical presence is now more valuable to me than ever before. I have discovered that it is possible to enjoy every minute you spend with someone and feel a lump in your throat when they drive away. Life is rich, too rich for words. Words about love can only be a shadow of love itself. I find it impossible to express my gratitude to each of you for making life so enjoyable and such an adventure. I am blessed beyond what I could ever ask.

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