Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Day in Denver

At the risk of boring you with my Denver love, I write with caution.


Because I am currently working very part-time and on the hunt for a job, I enjoy the luxury of a little spare time. Jonny lives in Denver and so happened to have some free time at the same time I did, so I visited. My friend Lauren, the artist, recently introduced me to Stella's coffeehouse on Pearl Street and my heart fluttered a bit, so I had to take Jonny. After all, they have an entire basket of treats devoted to Gluten Free People, of which Jonny is one.

This is a hot-spot for students during the day, so it felt more like a library than a coffeehouse. We ended up on the patio outside, sipping our coffee and trying to play tricks on the brazen squirrels. The air was crisp but just right, and several hours passed before I even blinked.

Jonny is a delight. Period. I could be wind-burned and chapped, stranded in the middle of the Sahara, but if Jonny was there, I'd be happy as a clam. He told me all about life at college, and the adventure of leaving a world of being just another Christian in a Christian parade to a world where...where... you're wind-burned and chapped, stranded in the middle of the Sahara and would give anything for a drop of water. Morality used to be admirable. Now you feel like a one-eyed Cyclops if you stick to your guns and live a pure, consistent life devoted to Christ.

Long after my hazelnut Americano dried up, we meandered down the street to a funny little shop that had all sorts of outrageous things. Our favorites: A peacock butter dish for $42, a blue and yellow seahorse attached to a bungee, and a mini sock monkey keychain! We walked out empty-handed. On our way back to campus, we went googly-eyed in front of several houses. Wood, rock, a smidge contemporary and utterly Colorado.

Yes, it was divine.