Thursday, February 12, 2009


Here I sit, under the covers, hair on top of my head in something resembling a top-knot, glasses on, trying to force ideas. It's not working, so I'll open a small window to my brain (which may explain why I can't write tonight).

I've decided to become a professional organizer. Because I'm still "in the blocks" as it were, I'm devouring as much information as I can possibly swallow. I'm reading books on running a business, and far too many books on organizing. I have a confession: I had a dream about organizing last night (laugh now). It's true. Either that's a really good thing because I love it and I'm on the right track, or I need to get out while there's still hope. I'm sticking with the dream. Every day, all day, I brainstorm. I'm ready to take action!

It may be cramping my writing ideas at the moment, but it will pass. It'll pass once the outlet for purging and sorting comes. And that's all I have tonight. Thanks for reading, bless your heart. I want this blog to be worth your time. Stay tuned...

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