Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doing my part

As the "going green" fad gains speed, I find it difficult to keep up. I think the planet is a great place, I just don't know how much we can honestly do to stop whatever crisis threatens the horizon. But, I'm all for recycling, carpooling, candles instead of lightbulbs... and growing plants indoors.

One of my new year's resolutions was to buy a plant and watch it grow, which essentially means it remains alive. The resolution was actually to keep it alive, because I have an embarrassing track record. Most living things I take care of end up dying, and far sooner than they're supposed to. Maybe this is why I'm afraid of having children. :) Last year I had a beautiful orchid that died within three weeks. The only plant that's still alive is under the care of my mother. But I'm determined. It's not that I don't take care of them, I really do. I put them in pretty pots, make sure I read the instructions and put them in the right light and water when I'm supposed to. I don't have a green thumb. That's the bottom line. I've decided to give it another try.

This one isn't exactly what I wanted for the space it's in, and it needs a pot, but it will do just fine. All the different colors keep it interesting. Colors: this means it's not brown! Only a few leaves have fallen off so far, but I think that's normal...

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. ha. i love this with my whole heart because i'm a notorious BLACK thumb. almost everything i've owned dies, and i have two incredibly GREEN thumbed parents. ah, you cant' have it all...but best of luck, my dear. can't wait to see it in person!