Saturday, February 21, 2009

10 a day

Yo. Been thinking a lot and that last post is what happened. Thankfully all my thoughts have not been that severe. Today I serve a lighter fare.
Life is fantastically good. Every day is filled with a new sense of hope and purpose as a greater piece of me is taken up in adoration. I'm writing this because this is new -- up until a few months ago the opposite was true. Two weeks ago I embarked a new Bible-reading plan. I know, a plan...yikes. But relax, this one is quite different, and has me begging for more. I read ten chapters a day: one chapter from ten different sections. Today I read from Genesis, Joshua, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Isaiah, Matthew, Acts, Romans, and 1 Timothy. My awareness of God in the world has decupled. He has accomplished mind-boggling things, and all because ordinary people had faith. Two blind men asked Jesus to heal them, and He asked them if they really believed He could. They said yes, and Jesus told them it would be done according to the measure of their faith. According to the measure of their faith! What is the measure of my faith when I ask for things? Sometimes I wonder if I were one of those men, maybe only one eye would've opened half-way if part of the bargain was that I have 100% faith in this Healer. He IS capable, wait -- more than capable. I believe supernatural things would happen if we asked for them...and then believed they would. For example, a moral about-face in America (had to say it). That seemingly impossible [fill in the blank] would somehow be possible, and not because of anything you or I did (apart from whole-hearted belief).
Look at the time: time to walk the dogs. Be back later, buenas noches.

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