Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home and Away

Goodness me. I forgot about the blog for three weeks. April was a big month. I turned 26, decided on some important things, bought a classic black business suit and had it tailored (felt so grown-up), and took my first shot at watercolors. I just returned from a work trip to Washington DC, and the project that made me cry and inspired my last post turned out to be nothing at all. It went even more smoothly than last year, and I'm convinced prayer had everything to do with it. I was on my knees about that whole thing, and not a single person was lost in my records. It was a miracle.

DC taught me... I really feel about home. We left Sunday morning, and by Sunday night I missed Colorado. Where are the mountains?! The sky?? A smile on the street? Help!!!

...that I'm accustomed to friendly downtown Colorado Springs, where it's only a little creepy to make eye contact on the street. In the big city, it's risking your life... or other important things.'s possible to feel like a month fit inside a week, and to be mentally present for the entire thing. I don't think I thought of anything but work for five days straight.

...I can fit a lot of good food in my belly.

...Newt Gingrich is just a normal guy.

...a joyful heart is good medicine. early morning walk is brilliant, except when high heels are the shoe of choice today, tomorrow, the next day, and the next, for 12 hours minimum.

I couldn't be happier to come home to Colorado, to a day that beckons everyone outside and delivers blissful adventure with every step. It's the sort of place that gives room for thought and makes it very hard not to think of the majesty and grandeur of God. Maybe one day I'll get over my Colorado-love, but not today or tomorrow.

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  1. Hooray! I had no idea you went! I'm so glad it was a success! NO RECORDS LOST! :)

    miss you anz.