Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dogs and DTRs

Two dogs accompanied my weekend. One big, one little, both perfectly charming. House/dog-sitting for a friend was risky business when I'm a selective dog-lover. But these two came with rave reviews, and they exceeded expectations. Except for one thing: they wanted too much love and cuddles. I'd never heard of such a problem.



Night one: I felt like a million bucks. Everywhere I went, they went, and they wanted to snuggle. I'll take it!
Night two: ...Okay, my clean clothes are now dirty...haven't you loved enough? Alright fine, come here.
Night three: It was time for "the talk", especially with the larger than life German Shepherd, Hero. "Hero, I've really enjoyed meeting you. You're great. Fantastic, even. But...I think we're moving kinda fast. I need space and time to think through all this and I'm feeling a little, well, suffocated. See, I'm new to this whole thing and it's taking longer than I expected to be ready for it. Am I making any sense?"

He still didn't get it, but his persistence won me over. Dolce, or Little D, was an easy sell. He fit nicely in my lap and never thought our noses needed to touch. Oh, and he was cute as a button. I'm officially one step closer to saying I like dogs. For you dog-lovers out there, I understand. And I'm trying -- I really am. I'm confident that one day, with the right dog, I'll fall hard. Until then, I'm learning dogspeak for, "It's not you, it's me."


  1. I have a feeling that DTR's with dogs go much smoother than DTR's with men.

  2. I love that... " or Little D "... too good.

    As you know, I'm obsessed with pups. They are a treat I wish I had constantly. I'm glad you're coming around. Baby steps. And agreed, DTRs with dogs, are much better than ones with men.