Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writing, Hunting, and a P.S.

I'm here again, so soon, not because I have something pressing to write. I simply want to write. Well-said words delight me as does the company of a close friend. Writing behaves almost like a close friend in that it always seems to discover anything I try my darndest to hide. It's time I stopped giving it the silent treatment.

On another note, I've recently decided to hunt for a specific type of blog. A man-friend of mine refuses to start a blog because it's {insert politically incorrect word here}. He has a valid point: if a guy (or girl, really) tries to start a blog -- which typically requires a degree of creative introspection -- and doesn't fully commit or doesn't do it well, it can be risky business. I try to convince him that it doesn't matter how it starts, just start somewhere. No luck. I warned him that I would send him links to artistic, interesting blogs created by remarkable men. I tell you this because I'm enlisting the troops! If you know of one, or two or three, please pass them along...for the good of one who is about to discover the joy of writing. 

The last item for this evening's post is a post-script to last night's post. Lest you think I live in a rickety old dumpster, I need to clarify that our townhouse is rather cozy. Hardwood floors, a fireplace, and couches that feel like your favorite pair of jeans welcome you just beyond the front door. Skip up the stairs and you'll see our brown and green polk-a-dot shower curtain on the way to my bedroom. Once there, I would blush as you complimented me on the healthy plant that gets a little bigger every day, and then I would show you the very tip of the mountains you can see from the balcony. It's a charming little place. 

Now it's time to power up the fan and climb into bed. Goodnight.

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  1. Hey, most places have their issues. Our hot water in the downstairs bathroom takes forever to run even warm, and our bedroom closet won't close properly. Our kitchen stove is missing a knob so we have to switch the knobs around, and practically half of the whole house is on a single fuse.

    But we love our home! These things give it character! XD