Thursday, December 10, 2009

Becoming Colorado

In this drawn-out quest to transform from California girl to Colorado mountain woman, I've met with some obstacles -- the biggest of which is this Colorado winter. It's a bear. I may, on occasion, be prone to exaggerate...however, this is not one of those occasions. Yesterday morning I drove to work in -11F, not including windchill. That's eleven degrees below zero. My little pink coat simply doesn't cut it anywhere below 50F, and as it was the only coat I had, I was an ice sculpture by the time I reached the office door. That was when I decided it was time. Buying a winter coat was the only logical, adult thing to do (see previous post). 

Guess what. Macy's had a one-day sale yesterday, which was honestly a gift from the Lord Jesus. I know because money is what has kept me from buying a coat and now that I'm on the Dave Ramsey budget, I am being extra careful. There was really only one coat I liked, and it had everything I was looking for: length, belt, pockets, neutral color. But it was $10 over my budget. Don't tell Dave, but I thought it was worth a shot. At the counter, it rang up at about HALF of what I thought it was going to be, and I almost kissed the clerk. On the way in I prayed for a coat within my budget, and this was far under!

You may be wondering why this is such a big deal. I'll tell you. You never realize how much you appreciate basics -- like a winter coat -- until you're without one on a very cold day. When I put that coat on to walk back out to my car, I finally understood why not having a coat is such a big deal, and why good-hearted people work so hard to provide coats to those who don't have one. It's not just uncomfortable to be out in the cold, in some cases it is life-threatening. Life's basics are not negotiable. I guess that's why they're called basics.

It was also a big deal because it has been a need of mine for a long time, and I've been unable to meet it. I can't tell you how happy I was to hand the coat over the counter and then pay for it with money I'd earned. Work is not just something we do to fill time and pay bills. I think it is a matter of survival, whether it's mental, emotional or physical survival. Being able to take care of yourself is fabulous!! I highly recommend it.

So that's my coat story. I'm the proud owner of a beautiful black coat with a big collar. With my bargain I got a whole lot more than I expected, and I'm thankful. God is in the little details, even the ones that keep us warm.


  1. (i enjoyed this!)
    and totally resonate. my years in ohio testify to the importance of a good winter coat.

  2. yes! i love this :) can't wait to see it.