Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mountain People

Embracing the culture you live in is part of what makes living there fun. When I lived in southern California, I loved going to the beach, renting cruisers and riding up and down the boardwalk, and was forced into everyone's favorite activity: shopping. 

Colorado has a little something different to offer. Expecting the beach in a landlocked state and oodles of shopping where everyone would rather be hiking, naturally, I would be disappointed. I was ready to leave the glam behind in L.A. and welcome the comfortable, no-pressure Colorado lifestyle.  

Most of Colorado's best is still untouched by me, but last weekend I had a small taste. My high school friends who are now married like to shoot when they're not mountain biking or horseback riding. And when I say shoot, I mean shoot. Guns. The entire back of the Land Cruiser was filled with guns of all shapes and sizes. I happily accepted the invitation, and we drove up to Woodland Park and set up the targets.

Travis was the expert, so he assembled everything (I didn't know assembly was required...) and showed me where the safety was, how to cock, how to aim, how to stand, but not how to not freak out after I pulled the trigger. I started with child's play -- a little .22 something (maybe) -- and eventually graduated to a shotgun and a rifle of some sort.

here's travis, assembling

notice the two holes awfully close to the bull's eye

i was nervous. this is a big gun. heidi helped me brace for impact.
and i'm standing like a girl.

this is how it's supposed to look.

We finished everything off with dinner and a banana split at The Hungry Bear. That's where the mountain people eat. I think I need to invest in a flannel shirt and a good pair of boots...cowboy boots.


  1. I don't think you mentioned enough how you're a natural at this! You nailed the bulls eye Several time!

    When's the next shotting date?

  2. And by shotting I mean Shooting ;)

  3. wow! i had no idea you went and did this...good job! i'm in total shock right now...ha...i had no idea you WOULD do this :)