Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jump in!

My arms are fully extended to grab hold of summer. I've officially welcomed it, albeit a few days early. Summer means lots of time outside, barbecues, day trips, windows open, and warm nights. It means big dinner salads and sorbet for dessert.

--By the way, something to try: ginger ale over mango sorbet
and fresh blackberries/strawberries (in pretty stemware). --

It's time to break out the summer tunes, fire up the barby, and invite friends over. It's time for sunscreen and tan lines, picnics, and golf. I think this is the summer I'll finally learn to play tennis. I love summer because it comes with no reservations -- it leaves you free to do anything...besides snowshoeing. Take a deep breath and relax, she's finally here.

A fly the size of a lima bean just buzzed by -- gotta go.

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