Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cross Country Road Trips

The open road: inspiring the adventurous since Karl Benz designed the first automobile in 1885. Sadly, this is not a post about a recent trip I've taken. It's a story about the recent trips others have taken, to whom I have served as a stopping point along the way.

First, there was Isaiah, moving from Indiana to California.

Then there was Missi {my college roommate}, traveling from California to Kansas with her husband and new baby girl.
Here's Missi, Maggie and me.

And THEN brother Matthew rolled through town for a night on his way from Atlanta to Seattle.

He's moving there to be with his fiancee and build a new life in the northwest! Here's the last time we'll all be together before we're SEVEN strong!

The siblings:
-Jonny, Em, me, Matt-
don't mind mom in the background taking a picture of...?

Here's Matthew and his trusty roommate and traveling companion, Kyle. Kyle's tall.

We played a hilarious game of traveling pictionary and fixed up a huge meal of brisket, mashed potatoes, fresh coleslaw, fruit, and of course, delicious banana bread! Dessert is very important around here. Matt was half here, half in Seattle -- what do we expect? He's a lover-boy.

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  1. so fun!! glad you all got some time together on his way through :)