Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today is January 22. That should be far enough past New Year's resolution time that you don't mistake this reappearance on the blog as a resolution. But I do hope it becomes a regular part of my life again. Going places and doing things entirely filled up the last few months and left little time for thinking, and even less time for writing. Pressure from friends -- not only to write again but to make it interesting... -- has made me want to blog and not want to blog. When it's been months, it's hard not to feel like your first time back has to be this epic thought or story. All that does is keep me away longer. Today is January 22 and I'm in the mountains for the second annual Grand Lake Getaway. My friend Lindsay's family owns a house right on the lake, and they're generous to let a couple handfuls of women stay for the weekend and cook, dance, consider jumping in the canal (but deciding against it) and meet our annual quota for lounging in front of the fire while snow falls outside. Today is January 22 and the year ahead is a blank slate. I can predict that I will stay happily with my company, that I will move sometime around April, that my social life will look a whole lot different than it did last year, and that... I don't know beyond that, and those are only predictions. One of the strongest and deepest women I've met in a long time has decided to befriend me and teach me more about Jesus Christ. No one has been in my face like she has about things in my heart that need to change. I'm excited for the upcoming months and what they hold. Unknown can be frightening but it is so filled with possibility. And I'm preparing myself to write about it here, and maybe even commit to making the blog a bit more personal -- including photos. Planning to be back here soon.