Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why She is Late

What do we all know about women? We run late. We're late in the morning, we're late in the afternoon, and we're late at night. 


Here's my explanation. I guarantee it's not true for all women, but I guarantee it's true for some. 

Reason #1: She doesn't want to admit to herself it really takes her that long to get ready, so she only allows as much time as she wished it took her. 

Reason #2: The outfit that looked perfectly fine last time she wore it is horrendous today, and for reasons she can't explain. Choosing another outfit could make her want to give up and crawl back under the covers. 

Reason #3: Every day, she is faced with new dilemmas: a dull razor, a face that needs a lot more work than usual, unruly hair, or throwing a lunch together last-minute instead of making it in peace the night before. Thus, the time between stepping out of bed and stepping out the door is different every day. 

Reason #4: She has an amazing view of the mountains out her back door and lingers there too long. 

Reason #5: Once she is already out and about for the day and has to be somewhere, odds are she's enjoying where she is currently and doesn't want to leave. She may be talking to someone and is fully aware she should've left five minutes ago but couldn't or didn't, therefore she is now late. 

What else do we all know about women? They're always worth the wait.