Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Hearty Analogy

The other day, my friend Amanda the Sassy created an analogy, effortlessly, on the spot, that was so good I’m still thinking about it. In a conversation about dating, which...never...happens, she said something like this: “I’m in a place I don’t think I’ve been before. I think about dating like this --- a man is the hot tea after an entirely satisfying meal. Hot tea is delightful; not necessary for survival. The food, the nutrition, I need that.” 
Hot tea. Brilliant. 
When you’ve already eaten a hearty dinner, the tea is even more enjoyable. Its calming, settling effect are felt more dramatically on a full belly. If you neglected dinner and went straight for the tea, you’d be ravenous and malnourished, and the tea would help with neither. Tea would only make you realize that it’s not food. And all you need is food. 
So what if we all ate food before we drank tea? Psycho girlfriends (I’ve had my weeks) would face extinction. Boyfriend wouldn’t fuel the fire for said girlfriend’s derangement. The gumption to end a bad romance would be there. The gumption to start and keep a good one would be there. A healthy soul makes a healthy romantic. 
I’ve been telling Amanda for weeks that her life calling is to write children’s books. Who doesn’t agree with me after reading this genius analogy? 
Jesus is the hearty dinner. Romance is the tea. Chew on that. 


  1. i.love.this. absolutely love it. well written, my friend!

    tell your friend, amanda the sassy, that she is dead on right! (and that i would buy her children's books, so start writing them!)

    going to the printer now to print this hearty analogy.

  2. All i can say is that the One who put the heart in my chest put the analogy in my head. Also, I seem to recall that my love of hot tea after dinner truly blossomed when we lived under the same roof...so thank YOU. :)

  3. Mmm. I love tea. This is a great, great analogy. You two ladies are so special! Awesome post, Anna. You should write these more often!

  4. Tea time, darling! Tea Time!! ;)