Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Black, White, or Both?

Does life ever humor you with its contradictions?

In the same moment, you can...
be going everywhere yet be going nowhere.
cry and laugh.
be confident but terrified.
be rich and broke.
yell and not be heard.
fail and succeed.

I'm sitting on my deck right now watching the golfers (one in particular), chuckling at what must be his present irony. He's concentrating, winding up, following through, swinging so hard he almost swung full circle. Now he's gazing, hopeful. Will the ball do what he wanted it to? No. No it didn't. All the effort, the focus, the hours of behind-the-scenes practice, just to watch the ball land exactly where you didn't want it to. It's no wonder I don't golf.


  1. i think my very existence right now is screaming contradictions! :) i get ya, love.

  2. the co-existing contradictions! they are the story of my life. you highlight some great ones. have you read orthodoxy by g.k. chesterton? the last few paragraphs of that book are a beautiful illustration of that exact concept. i can't get enough!