Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hot Tubs and Elevators

Can anyone tell me why hot tubs and elevators are so awkward? Why must we stare at each other in silence?

I'm in the tub tonight with four other people I don't know. Tried to start a conversation, to no avail. Do I look like I have leprosy? I'll give them a break. They were young.

Here are the rules of etiquette in these situations:

1. Avoid eye contact at all cost.
2. If you're talking and someone enters, stop and look down.
3. If a joke is made to lighten the mood, look confused, and then look away.
4. When someone enters, leave with your whole group.

So there I was, abandoned with the jets, laughing quietly to myself until Jonny came out to join me.

Can anyone else relate?


  1. haha.
    i think i love this so much because the imagery, even with the important points was there.

    love you.

  2. This is fantastic... I would also like to add vomiting after prom to the list of strange situations...

    Here's to memories!