Tuesday, December 9, 2008


If states had genders, Colorado would be a female. Example: Yesterday morning I went for a run, wearing my capri pants and a light jacket. Four hours later a winter storm blew in and covered the ground with inches of pristine white snow. Today, I'm enjoying the snow in patches because the sun is out again. But it's still too cold to run.

This allows for excellent snowflake observation, which I can do best when scraping the snow and ice off my windshield. Truly, each little flake is different in size and shape. It gets me thinking someone must have designed them...
Some resemble the complexity of stained glass in a great cathedral. Others are as simple as white daisies in summer. If I wanted to put it on my fingertip to get a closer look, the detail would quickly disappear into a contained droplet on my skin.

The beauty found in noticing details is worth the extra glance. Not only does it allow us to appreciate more of the everyday, but it turns our heads upward to acknowledge the greater. This intelligent One who designed each flake also feeds the sparrows and gives them shelter in the storm. Will He not also watch over you and me?

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