Monday, November 24, 2008

White Walls

White walls signal new beginnings. An empty room with white walls is the most welcome place for change as the only thing to do is to add color, design and function. The finished room depends entirely on the vision of the designer. This is where I am -- I've been emptied out, swept, painted white and primed for renovation. My architect and designer are One, and He will put His mastery on display as He completes the room according to His initial design. This designer is Jesus, the Redeemer, the only one who can create life out of death and make old things truly new. This blog will serve as the place I describe the color, the furniture, the artwork, and even the fresh flowers set on the table. It's time to start over. 


  1. beautiful...can't wait to see more of this 'design' :) you are amazing! happy writing!

  2. Well said- I wait with expectation as to what Jesus will do with you!

  3. :)Hey Anna...I saw a status on facebook with your blog! Hope you don't mind me stopping by! This post is amazing! I have felt this way since I graduated nursing school in August 08 and I still feel like my room has white walls sometimes! How have things been going for you? My mom saw you at Cafe 36 one time!